Description of Deliverables Deliverable Identifier Title Type Delivery Date
Cruise plan TN1 Bio-optical cruise work programme  Doc 1st March 2019 
Three monthly progress report TN2 1st progress report Doc 1st March
Final cruise report TN3 Bio-optical cruise report Doc 10th June 2019
Three monthly progress report TN4 2nd  progress report Doc 10th June
Three monthly progress report TN5 3rd  progress report Doc T0+9
Three monthly progress report TN6 4th  progress report Doc T0+12
Description of the portal TN7 Portal database design Doc T0+13
 Analysis and QA of AOP and IOP data TN8 Report on analysis of AOP and IOP data set Doc T0+13
Analysis and QA of biological data TN9 Report on analysis of biological data Doc T0+13
Analysis and QA of AERONET-OC data TN10 Report  on analysis of AERONET-OC data Doc T0+13
Three monthly progress report TN11 5th  progress report Doc T0+15
Satellite ocean color data validation TN12 Report on satellite ocean color data validation  Doc T0+17
Three monthly progress report TN13 6th  progress report Doc T0+18
Algorithm development TN14 Report  on algorithm development   Doc T0+20
Ocean color algorithms cross-comparison TN15 Report on algorithms cross-comparison Doc T0+21
Three monthly progress report TN16 7th progress report Doc T0+21
Evaluation of new ocean color data TN17 Report of new ocean color products assessment  Doc T0+22
Operational  web portal TN18 Final version of the portal  Doc T0+23
Three monthly progress report TN19 8th progress report Doc T0+24
Executive Summary of the Final Report TN20 Executive Summary Report Doc T0+24
Final Report TN21 Final project Report Doc  T0+24
TDP TN22 Technical Data Package Doc T0+24
Technical Dataset TN23 Technical Dataset xls, cnv, txt  T0+24
Contract Closure  Documentation TN24 Contract Closure Documentation Doc  T0+24